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Are you keeping up?

A lot is happening within technological development. Be sure to keep up with it all.

Join us to find out more.

At SmartAgri, we keep abreast of any new technology that is available to Swedish farmers and any interesting innovations coming onto the market. We participate in digital forums and fairs, and keep in touch with researchers, consultants and companies working in the industry.

We may have relevant information that could be valuable to your particular company. Do contact us for a no-obligation meeting.

Gröna möten keep you up to date

Within the Gröna möten communication concept, we organise various physical and digital events to inspire, gather and share knowledge with companies in the West Swedish farming sector. In collaboration with others, Agroväst runs around thirty seminars, demonstrations, workshops and field trips each year. All of these events are based on a need that the target group, i.e. companies in the agriculture sector, have identified for themselves.

Register via the Gröna möten web page at to see what events are coming up!

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Låt oss hålla dig uppdaterad

Få inspiration och förslag på aktiviteter, event eller möten genom att registrera dig för vårt utskick.

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