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Customer cases

Here are some concrete examples of customer cases that SmartAgri has worked on since 2018, and a list of innovation projects that the team within SmartAgri has driven forward in close cooperation with our customers.

Flow meter for liquid manure

Together with Ranaverken AB, a project was carried out to improve and simplify the way liquid fertilizer is measured and regulated in connection with spreading. A varied and adapted spreading creates a better use of the manure's nutrients.

GOATI – intelligent monitoring of grazing animals

Svarta Räven AB is running a project in collaboration with SmartAgri to use new technology to streamline and simplify the monitoring of grazing animals. Through an app, the pet owner can soon follow the position and health of the animals.

GRAIN CLOUD – Digital decision support for more efficient grain storage

Skandia Elevator AB has come a long way in its digitization. Through GrainCloud, grain handling on the farm can be monitored and controlled via an app. Also track the grain's path from field to mill.

PIGXCEL™ – automatic weighing of pigs in their stalls

Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB, in collaboration with SmartAgri, has developed a solution that automatically weighs pigs in their stable environment without having to disturb the animals. The solution helps the pig producer to detect problems and implement measures at an early stage, as well as to know when the animals are ready for slaughter.

SOLVI  - drone-based decision support for vegetable growers

Solvi AB collaborates with SmartAgri in terms of the development and market introduction of a drone-based service that, through image analysis, provides the cabbage grower with more accurate harvest forecasts and support to optimize cultivation during the crop's growth phase.

DYNABULK - Non-stop dynamic weighing

Motus weighing is an innovative company in western Sweden. Their main product handles the technology around dynamic weighing of, for example, truck or tractor crews. By weighing without stopping, the capacity during weighing increases and there are energy and environmental gains.

Innovation projects

More examples of local innovation projects that Smart Agri has been involved in:

Innovative solar hybrid based hot air process for grain drying - SAMSTER AB
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BUG-IT  - Columella Innovation AB
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Digital classification EUROP – SmartAgritech Solution Sweden AB
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Germination Box – Agroväst Livsmedel AB and SLU Alnarp
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Infofusion Fusarium – Agroväst Livsmedel AB
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Multiflow – Imsson Naturbruk AB
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Site-specific weed control – Solvi AB
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