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PIGXCEL™ – automatic weighing of pigs in their stalls

Customer profile: Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB

Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB is a Swedish tech company that develops and sells Pigxcel, a digital solution for automatic weighing of pigs using camera technology and AI. The company’s vision is to contribute to a digital transformation within farming, and specifically within pig production. The solution helps the pig producer to identify problems and take action at an early stage, and to know when the animals are ready for slaughter. The solution also contributes to improved animal health and a better working environment, as the pigs can be weighed without having to be moved.

The customer’s needs

At the time of the initial contact in 2018, the start-up was in need of funding and suitable partners to develop and test a prototype of the solution that is now marketed as Pigxcel. At a later stage, in 2021, the company needed to make some technical adjustments to the data handling function to turn the solution into a commercially scalable product.

Our solution

Through SmartAgri, Agroväst and RISE helped the customer to evaluate its idea. The evaluation revealed a great need within the industry and considerable market potential. The next step was to connect the customer with relevant expertise from partners in this field, and coordinate the work of preparing an application for innovation support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. After funding of EUR 380,000 was approved for developing and testing a prototype, the project kicked off with Agroväst as project manager. This relieved the customer of liquidity concerns and also of time-consuming administration. Other partners in the project included IBM, EC Solutions, RISE, Svensk Mätanalys, Svenska Köttföretagen and Buhrenstjerna Farming.

In 2021, SmartAgri assisted the company with a fresh application for innovation support, and a further EUR 250,000 was granted to develop new data handling structures and algorithm functions, and so turn Pigxcel into a commercially scalable product.

The first full-scale Pigxcel system was installed in the spring of 2022 on a farm in Finland. There are more installations in the pipeline for 2022, including some in Sweden.

" The collaboration with Agroväst and SmartAgri was absolutely crucial to the outcome of our project. We could not have made a success of Pigxcel™ without your fantastic input! "

Matts Lilja, VD

Read more about Pigxcel on the Smart Agritech Solutions website:

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