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Do you have an idea?

Do you have a brilliant idea?

Many of those who turn to SmartAgri are in an early phase of their business development. They have identified needs in the market and have an idea of how to address these, but have not yet formed a company and are thinking about how to get started.

This throws up many questions, and we can help to flesh these out so you end up with a plan to work to. Common barriers are knowing whether there are already products or services on the market, finding suitable partners, accessing funding to produce prototypes and run tests etc.

SmartAgri can help you

Our job is to help you to take the next step if you have an idea for an innovative technical solution for the farms of the future. We can provide support in the following areas:
→ Needs analysis
→ Market analysis support
→ Idea and concept development
→ Partners with complementary skills
→ Public project financing
→ Networks for private risk capital
→ Networks within the research world

Want to know more? The first step in realising your idea is just a meeting away. All it costs to meet with us is your time.

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Tomas Johansson

Our resource person for you

Tomas is a qualified agricultural engineer with many years of experience in the agriculture sector. He has run his own company as well as working for a number of agribusinesses. If you are thinking of implementing an idea, give Tomas a call and we can start by checking whether there is a need for your particular product or service. – A simple way to know whether there really is a market to establish yourself in. – Go ahead and call us!

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Earlier projects

PIGXCEL™ – automatic weighing of pigs in their stalls

Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB, in collaboration with SmartAgri, has developed a solution that automatically weighs pigs in their stable environment without having to disturb the animals. The solution helps the pig producer to detect problems and implement measures at an early stage, as well as to know when the animals are ready for slaughter.
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GOATI – intelligent monitoring of grazing animals

Svarta Räven AB is running a project in collaboration with SmartAgri to use new technology to streamline and simplify the monitoring of grazing animals. Through an app, the pet owner can soon follow the position and health of the animals.
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SOLVI - drone-based decision support for vegetable growers

Solvi AB collaborates with SmartAgri in terms of the development and market introduction of a drone-based service that, through image analysis, provides the cabbage grower with more accurate harvest forecasts and support to optimize cultivation during the crop's growth phase.
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