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SmartAgri is a joint effort by Agroväst, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and Science Park Skövde with the aim to accelerate the digitalisation of the agricultural sector in West Sweden. 

The primary target group is small and medium-sized tech-companies developing new smart solutions for the agrifood sector.

SmartAgri provides services within the following areas:

  • Seminars, study-visits and workshops to build networks, as well as create awareness and disseminate knowledge and best-practises. Eg the seminar series "The digitized animal".
  • Businessconcept development and evaluation based on consumer needs and market intelligence
  • Knowlegde support in choosing the adequate technology for a specific solution
  • Mediate contacts and facilitate workshops to establish new cooporations needed for idea-, concept-  and product development.
  • Access to finance and funding by identifying funding opportunities, making projects and companies "investment ready", applications writing and arrangement of the event AgriVenture Sweden.
  • Provide access to relevant test and demonstration facilities at universitites, institutes, natural resource schools, farmers etc

Agroväst is the coordinator of SmartAgri. Agroväst is a non-profit cluster managemant organisation for agriculture in West Sweden, working as a project arena and facilitator for collaborations between research and the farming sector. Agroväst participates as DIH in the Scandinavian cluster of the Horizon 2020 SmartAgriHubs project.

RISE is an independant, state-owned research institute, with 2800 employees. RISE offers expertise and testbeds and demonstrations environments for future-proof technologies, products and services within agrifood and several other sectors.

Science Park Skövde is a venue for people, companies and businesses with a focus on development, innovation and digitalization. The main goal is startups with international growth potential and innovative knowledge-based growth companies in the field of IT and engineering with a special focus in software development, game developers, fintech and industrial digitization.

Together the operational SmartAgri-teams provides expertise within IT and engineering, agriculture,  business development and funding. 

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