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About SmartAgri

We have a vision of a successful digital transformation for agriculture business. Implementing new techniques is an essential key towards a sustainable food and bioenergy production. The Innovation Platform SmartAgri is a creative environment with a wide network of skills from engineering and information technology, business management, innovation and development processing, agriculture techniques and agronomy. Through different activities and events we are the natural forum for connecting people with the ambition to contribute to the digital transformation in agriculture. SmartAgri has expertise in funding solutions for research and innovation projects. The SmartAgri team has long experience from processing ideas from entrepreneurs, researchers and engeneering companies. With access to testing grounds, both virtual and physical, we support companies throughout the development from idea to product or service innovation. For the market entry perspective we do have own experience and partners with processes who will be supporting you to get a successful market entry.

Target group

The primary target group for SmartAgri is small and medium Enterprises in information technology and mechanical engineering businesses, primarly in West Sweden. The Innovation Platform supports companies who focus on research and development based on digital technology aiming at agriculture and food industry sectors. Secondary target group is companies and partners with the objective to reach increased growth and competitiveness for companies in our primary target group, for example farmers, food processing industries, research institutes and universities.

SmartAgri team

The Innovation Platform SmartAgri has been commissioned by Region Västra Götaland and the European Regional Development Fund to support small and medium sized companies working on smart specialisation by digital technologies to provide important solutions for farmers and food industry in Västra Götaland and Halland. Solutions that enables new opportunites to digital transformation and technology leaps for an increased competetitiveness.

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