Report: How the crisis is affecting the food system of the future

About the report
In the future, we will refer to the world in terms of pre or post-corona. The 2018 summer drought in Sweden, the financial crash of 2008, the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and tsunami of 2004 are all crises that had an impact on Sweden. But this pandemic is global, the economic consequences are enormous and it’s affecting everyone on the planet in a way we have never seen before with previous crises. 
What can this crisis mean for innovation, sustainability and companies working with future food systems, after the coronavirus has been resolved? In our continuous analysis of the crisis, we’ve asked hundreds of companies from start-ups to small and medium sized enterprises as well as large corporations throughout the value chain. We’ve researched news articles, interviewed around thirty different actors in the industry from researchers, entrepreneurs and investors and we’ve gathered insights from this work. 

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The report is a result of our continuous work with insights regarding the future of food. Would you like to know more on how we help companies and organisations within the food system – read more about AGFO Insight.
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