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Want to develop your company?

Is your company facing fresh challenges? Are you in danger of losing competitiveness? Want to develop your business? Perhaps you need someone who can challenge you and your way of thinking in order to move forward.

The world is changing fast and it is not always easy to know how to cope with all of the new ideas. You may perform multiple roles in your company and find it hard to make the time to keep on top of them all. Help is at hand! Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your company to move forward.


How can we help?

Our job is to help small and medium-sized enterprises in West Sweden that offer technical solutions for the farming sector. We can provide support in the following areas:

→ Market analysis
→ Idea and project development
→ Sources of funding, both public and private
→ Match-making with various specialists and with other companies
→ Coaching

Want to know more? Let’s start with a no-obligation meeting to build a picture of where you stand today and what you need in order to move forward. Where we ourselves do not have the knowledge or tools to help you, we have an extensive network where we can obtain further assistance.

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Tomas Johansson

Our resource person for you

Tomas is a qualified agricultural engineer with many years of experience in the agriculture sector. He has run his own company as well as working for a number of agribusinesses. If you are thinking of implementing an idea, give Tomas a call and we can start by checking whether there is a need for your particular product or service. – A simple way to know whether there really is a market to establish yourself in. – Go ahead and call us!

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Earlier projects

GRAIN CLOUD – Digital decision support for more efficient grain storage

Skandia Elevator AB has come a long way in its digitization. Through GrainCloud, grain handling on the farm can be monitored and controlled via an app. Also track the grain's path from field to mill.
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Flow meter for liquid manure

Together with Ranaverken AB, a project was carried out to improve and simplify the way liquid fertilizer is measured and regulated in connection with spreading. A varied and adapted spreading creates a better use of the manure's nutrients.
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DYNABULK - Non-stop dynamic weighing

Motus weighing is an innovative company in western Sweden. Their main product handles the technology around dynamic weighing of, for example, truck or tractor crews. By weighing without stopping, the capacity during weighing increases and there are energy and environmental gains.
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